• Historic/Paleo- Ecology: What does Nicole do, anyway?
    • Nicole Misarti (WERC faculty)
    • November 03, 2017

I am taking this opportunity to re-acquaint you all with the type of research that I do and catch everyone up on some of the very fun projects that I have been working on over the last few years. From salmon to walruses, come and find out how bones, teeth and sediments can tell us about changes in marine ecosystems over the last few thousand years and discuss how we can use historic/paleo- ecological data to inform resiliency of our coastal communities here in Alaska.


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Meeting ID: 615-564-160


Upcoming WERC Seminar, Nov. 10th: Anna Tarbeeva, Gradations in stream beadation from Siberia to Alaska. Visiting WERC researcher from Moscow State University.


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