• Determination of lateral inflows in the Kuparuk River watershed: a study in the Alaskan Arctic
    • Levi Overbeck
    • November 07, 2014
  • Image above: Stream Gauging on the Kuparuk River.
    Photo Credit: Levi Overbeck.

It is important to understand the future effects that climate change will have on our world. These effects are largely unknown, especially in the Arctic. The modeling of surface water temperature provides scientists with a method of investigating these potential effects on an ecosystem. One of the key inputs used in this modeling is lateral inflows. This research intends to quantify the lateral inflows throughout the Kuparuk River watershed in order to serve as model inputs. The research will also investigate the linkages between precipitation, physical characteristics, and the resulting lateral inflows. Preliminary results will be presented from two years of stream gauging at 11 locations throughout the Kuparuk watershed.

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