• Assessment of vegetation changes in mountain tree line ecotone, Agashoshok valley, Western Brooks Range, over the last 60 years
    • Anna Mikheeva
    • October 27, 2017

Alpine treeline ecotone zone responses to climate change by mainly increasing of forest cover and altitudinal position of uppermost trees. But due to complexity of factors controlling the ecotone this process is not straightforward and depends on variety of constrains.

A large-scale study of changing treelines in Agashoshok Valley, Western Brooks Range, Alaska, will be presented. Three series of airborne and satellite imagery of 1952, 1979 and 2015 were analyzed to quantitatively characterize the changes in vegetation structure of treeline ecotone zone. Different spatio-temporal patterns of changes were revealed in treeline dynamics in the 1952-1979 and the 1979-2015 periods and will be used for further modelling of future treeline position and vegetation structure.


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