• 19th International Northern Research Basins Symposium and Workshop
    • Sveta Stuefer
    • September 27, 2013
  • Image above: Participants at the 19th NRB Symposium and Workshop..
    Photo Credit: Haley Linton.

Today’s seminar will talk about the 19th International Northern Research Basins (NRB) Symposium and Workshop held in south-central Alaska on August 11-17, 2013.

The Northern Research Basins Working Group was established in 1975 under the International Hydrological Program (IHP) by members from Canada, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, the USA, and the former USSR. Iceland joined in 1992, and the Russian Federation replaced the USSR in 1991. One of the main NRB goals is to gain a better understanding of hydrologic processes, particularly those in which snow, ice, and frozen ground have a major influence on the hydrological regime, and to determine the relative importance of each component of the water balance.

It was a pleasure to host the 19th NRB here in Alaska. The subject of the 19th International NRB Symposium and Workshop—“Water Resources: Developments in a Changing Environment”—was broadly defined to accommodate topics on different aspects of hydrologic research and engineering in the Arctic. Highlights of the symposium included a keynote speech on climate change in Alaska; an invited presentation about the proposed Susitna-Watana Hydroelectric Project; a field trip on the Susitna River; invited talks by state and federal authorities about hydrologic challenges in Alaska; and a visit to one of the most distinct areas in Alaska—the Kenai Fjords National Park, with its abundant wildlife and tidewater glaciers flowing down from the Harding Icefield. Presentation will include overview of the scientific presentations as well as slide show from the field trips.

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