• Aquatic DOC composition & reactivity of permafrost influenced systems in Interior Alaska
    • Jenn Guerard (Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Dept. of Chemistry & Biochemistry, UAF)
    • February 03, 2017

Surface water samples were collected from lakes and streams in the Goldstream watershed in interior Alaska with in order to investigate organic matter composition with varying influence by permafrost. Organic matter isolates were characterized by UV-vis spectroscopy, 3D excitation-emission fluorescence and PARAFAC modeling, nuclear magnetic resonance, total organic carbon, and ICP-MS. Differences in carbon pool composition were compared between seasons and with the extent of permafrost thaw. This is a key first step in exploring how permafrost degradation influences organic carbon pool composition and reactivity, an essential component of assessing permafrost organic matter impact on biogeochemical cycling and other ecological functions as it becomes incorporated into a warming landscape.

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