• Exploration of the Kenai River Basin Hydrology through the use of Modeling
    • Brett Wells
    • April 08, 2016

Environment and land use regulations on the Kenai River peninsula are major component of everyday life for the residents and patrons of the area. The utilization of current science knowledge and research in the development of these regulations is a necessity to maintain a sustainable relationship between commercial industry, private interests, and traditional land uses. Hydrological modeling can be key tool to help foster such relationships.

With the use of the Army Corps of Engineers Hydrological Modeling System (HMS) unknown hydrologic parameters were calibrated for the watershed and sub-basins to known discharge values from precipitation data either currently available or collected during fieldwork. The presentation will cover the fieldwork conducted over the previous two summers and the modeling effort conducted in the areas of Beaver Creek, Ptarmigan Creek, and the Kenai River Watershed.

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