Proposals & Publications Office

INE provides resources for about 50 faculty and staff researchers and a fluctuating number of engineering students to achieve their research goals. The INE Proposals & Publication Office offers assistance in pursuing funding, including searching for opportunities, preparation and submission of proposals, follow-up budgeting, and preparation of publications and reports related to research.

Proposal FAQ

What items need to be routed through the INE Proposal Office?

  • Anything with a budget or an estimated project cost, including preproposals, white papers, collaborations, budget revisions, supplemental funding, project continuations and renewals should be reviewed by this office. Anything that requires “Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR)” signature should also be reviewed and processed by INE P&P.

When should I contact the INE Proposal Office?

  • As soon as you imagine you might submit a proposal. Proposal Coordinators are listed under our Contact & Resources page. We are also happy to help you locate promising funding opportunities and research partners.

How are proposals processed?

  • In the order in which they are received, regardless of deadline.

Who reviews my proposal?

  • Initially, you will work with Sandra or Joan to identify and assemble all the necessary parts of your proposal and build a solid budget. Before submission, the proposal must be reviewed and signed by your research director and by any office committing funds to the project. Then we submit the proposal and forms to OGCA preaward, which performs a final review and gets AOR signature.

How does the review/submittal process work?

  • The preaward office, part of the Office of Grant & Contract Administration, requires 5 business days for review and approval of a proposal AFTER the proposal has been reviewed by INE P&P. To meet this deadline, and to give you the best possible service, your proposal should be in the INE Proposal Office at least 3 days before it must go to OGCA Preaward. That’s a total of 8 working days before the mailing or submission deadline.

Are there proposals that should be given extra time to process?

  • Proposals that involve matching/cost sharing, reduced F&A (indirect costs), collaborating units external to INE or subawards require additional documents and more review time. The earlier the better!
  • Under certain circumstances (such as high volume calls or potential delays in the UAF review process), the INE Proposal Office may set an earlier deadline for a particular call for proposals. In such cases, you will be notified by email.

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Sandra Boatwright
  • Sandra Boatwright
  • Proposals & Publications Manager
  • 262 ELIF
  • Phone: (907) 474-7209
  • Fax: (907) 474-7041
Joan WP
  • Joan Welc-Lepain
  • Proposal Coordinator
  • 260 ELIF
  • Phone: (907) 474-6470
  • Fax: (907) 474-7041

Upcoming Proposal Deadlines

This calendar is a partial and informal list of upcoming proposal deadlines that may be of interest to INE researchers. If you plan to submit a proposal to one of these calls, please let the Proposals and Publications Office know as soon as possible. Please note the “INE P&P” designations; this is our internal deadline.