The INE Travel Office provides assistance with travel forms, airline reservations, expense reports, per diem, travel insurance, and reimbursements.


  • Concur Travel, our new travel system, is now out of pilot and moving on to other departments. As the pilot group, we know the issues that can come up with this process and are still discovering. If you have any questions about Concur that you can’t find here, please contact your Travel Coordinator for help.
  • In an effort to help travelers with tips, tricks, information and insight on Concur, your Travel Coordinator is creating and will maintain a monthly Newsletter. It will include reminders on what to do and what not to do, changes with Concur, issues that are common and some humor along the way. Also included is information on workshops, guides and information sessions to be led by the Travel Coordinator to help better understand the system. It will first be emailed monthly, but the hope is to have it attached to this site eventually with a very short email sent out to notify when it is available during the month.
  • I have had some travelers have their expense reports returned because an explanation is to be provided for using the individual UA Travel Card outside of Concur directly through Alaska Airlines website. We aren’t supposed to use the individual UA Travel Card through Alaska Airlines direct website for flights because it violates a contract we have with them that helps provide the discounts we receive. If you need to book with Alaska Airlines, you must do so through Concur or use a personal credit card through the Alaska Airlines website. I hope this clears up any issues with this. If you have questions, please contact your Travel Coordinator.

Concur Travel:

Concur Travel has been in the works at UAF for over a year now. The pilot has been lengthy, but informative. Now that the pilot is done, what do you need to continue to use the program? If you are someone who wants to immerse fully into Concur Travel, as it is intended, there are some items to be very aware of:

  1. Please ensure you have set up your profile. If you don’t remember how from training or can’t find the handout you were given, please contact your Travel Coordinator for help.
  2. If you are working on your first travel, it might be best to sit with your Travel Coordinator on the first time to ensure correctness and be able to ask questions at that time.
  3. Please finish requests to go through approval process at least 2-3 weeks before travel occurs. If it is last minute travel, your delegate 2 approver (Travel Coordinator) will contact anyone else who may need to approve the request on your behalf to ensure a timely approval.
  4. If you are unfamiliar with the UA Regulations, but don’t want to read through the very long document on travel, please contact your Travel Coordinator for information until a cheat sheet can be created.
    Also, the travel regulations link on this site is still followed for Student, Group & Guest travel. For regulation changes for Concur, please use the link “Proposed Regulation Changes” under the Concur heading on the right side of this site. These regulation changes are to get us closer to following federal standards for travel and are improved to increase comfort and care of travelers in many ways.
  5. For International travel, please read the information on the Fly America Act – Open Skies Agreement before booking travel, especially if booking travel outside of Concur. For the Open Skies Agreement, there are City-Pair Agreements you must also be aware of. Please see the link on the right of the screen for information on this.
  6. If you prefer a section or all of your travel to be done by your delegate (Travel Coordinator), please inform them and notify them how communication of travel will occur.
  7. For any other issues or concerns, contact your Travel Coordinator.

Rental Vehicles:

The University of Alaska has three WSCA car rental agreements available for staff usage while traveling. All of them have several advantages, which include lowering the underage driver age to 18, preferred rates in Alaska and the continental United States and insurance coverage. Each contract should be checked to find the best value. WSCA contracts are for Business Use Only!!

To use UAF's WSCA contract agreement, you must use one of the following codes at the time of reserving the vehicle:

Enterprise Car Rental Agreement: Customer number is XZ45UAF

National Car Rental Agreement: Customer number is XZ45UAF

Hertz Car Rental Agreement: University of Alaska CDP 1951379

Non-WSCA Agreements: Avis has provided us with a pricing agreement. It is available for both work and personal use. For questions or assistance, contact Chelsie Kodet, Avis Rent a Car System, LLC, 866-380-8232 ext. 3714
Avis Worldwide Discount (AWD) Number: A739801

About the CEM/INE Travel Coordinator:

Hello Everyone. My name is Kari Mellmer, and I am your new Travel Coordinator. I know I have been here since late November, but thought it would be great to share a bit about myself as I learn more about you. I come from Portland, Oregon where, in December 2017, I graduated from Portland State University with a BS in Business Administration: Accounting. I hope to get my masters eventually and teach accounting either in a community college or in a university somewhere. I am not a tax accountant, so please don’t ask. I have always been more interested in Forensic Accounting. I like finding that missing penny. Beyond my degree and work here in CEM/INE, I joined the Fairbanks Community Band where I play the clarinet half the time as I try to remember middle school days of playing before I switched to choir. I love to volunteer. I am also hoping to get to know Alaska more and travel to some of the more remote and beautiful places here even though I don’t own a car. Thank you to all of the welcoming and wonderful people of CEM/INE and all the encouragement and patience you have. For the last four months, I have truly enjoyed working with you all and am excited for my future here.