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Field travel

Travel Card

The University offers a travel card (MasterCard) for employees to use to pay their hotel, meal, car, taxi, and other misc. expenses required during their work related travel. This card program is designed for business expenses only. You pay your travel expenses with the card, complete your expense report upon return, get reimbursed, and pay your bill.

Program Benefits

  • MasterCard is accepted worldwide.
  • You have up to 60 days to pay the bill.
  • Cash advances are available.
  • Vehicle Rentals are covered by MasterCard Master Rental Insurance.
  • Your personal credit is not impacted with University purchases and the possibility of interest expenses that are non-reimbursable.
  • Protects you from personal fraud. Many common conference cities can be “hot” areas for credit card fraud. Using this card protects your personal card(s).
  • If needed, limits can be increased quickly.

Contact: Denise Caissie (Lead ProCard Administrator Procurement and Contract Services), 907-474-7374,

What to use your Travel Card for:
All supplies linked to travel, in-person conference registration only (not virtual), gas, food/personal meals, transportation costs (except airfare which is purchased directly in Concur).

What NOT to use your Travel Card for:
Personal expenses, virtual conference registration (send Kari Mellmer a Purchase Requisition and she will purchase or have you pick a procard to purchase), airfare, other employee meals or expenses (unless doing field food or group travel).

Approval for driving UA vehicles

Additional links at Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management


  • Corporate Travel Management (CTM) (UA Travel Agency)
    Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m.
    General Phone: 907-786-0107
    Toll Free Phone: 833-500-4292 (24 hour service)