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Barrow, Ak

Caribou Poker Creek, Ak

Council, Ak

Franklin Bluffs, Ak

Imnavait Creek, Ak

Kuparuk River, Ak

Ivotuk, Ak

Prudhoe Bay, Ak
West Dock
Betty Pingo

Kougarok, Ak

Sagwon, Ak

Resolute, Canada

Snowpack Ablation Summary 1999-2002

North American Arctic Snowmelt Season, Spring 2000

This is a compilation of all the snowmelt data for all the sites in Northern Alaska and Resolute, Canada. The data here consists of snow and meteorological data. The data is presented in excel worksheets, with some graphs to go along with the information. Keep in mind all the data here is from the spring melt of 2000. Once you enter a site you will see that there are pictures to go along with that site. These pictures show the personnel at the sites, the site themselves, how the site changes as the snow melted, and the instruments at the sites.

Additonal data from subsequent years can be found on the summary page.

The following slide show is an overview of all the sites


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