Our Researchers in the Press

WERC researchers have received quite a bit of attention from the press lately showing how far-reaching and relevant their research projects are for Alaskan communities and beyond.

Lessons in Collaboration from the Tanana Watershed and Thinking Like a Fish: Navigating Arctic Streamflow Change (GlacierHub)

This two-part story discusses Anna Liljedahl's project on Jarvis Glacier and how the important connection of between glacial melt, streams and groundwater could affect aquifers and fish habitat in the long run.

Researchers want to know why beluga whales haven't recovered (Fairbanks Daily Newsminer)

Mat Wooller is looking at the stable isotope signature from tooth enamel of Beluga whales to discern their feeding habits as part of a NOAA funded study in collaboration with the Alaska Department of Fish & Game that aims to determine why belugas in Alaska's Cook Inlet have failed to recover.



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