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Faculty and Staff

Srijan Aggarwal
(907) 474-6120
Research Areas: environmental biotechnology, water/wastewater, biofilm

Peter Anthony

Chris Arp
(907) 474-2783
Research Areas: Hydrology, Ecology, and Geomorphology; Arctic and Alpine Ecosystems

Joel Bailey
(907) 474-6151

David Barnes
(907) 474-6126
(907) 474-6087 fax
Research Areas: Contaminant Fate and Transport

Shane Billings, Lab Manager
(907) 474-7350

Jessica Cherry
(907) 474-5730
Research Areas: Arctic Hydroclimatology, Snow Physics, Hydroelectric Power, Science for Society

Ronnie Daanen
Research Areas: Hydrology, Freezing, Permafrost, Patterened Ground and Groundwater Interactions

Aaron Dotson, Associated Faculty
Research Areas: drinking water, wastewater, industrial water, natural water research

Melanie Engram

Robert Gieck
(907) 474-6558

Norma Haubenstock
(907) 474-5675

Eran Hood
(907) 796-6244
Research Areas: Watershed-scale biogeochemistry, Nutrient cycling in aquatic systems, Alpine hydrology, Snow hydrology and snow chemistry

Tim Howe
(907) 474-7826

Ken Irving
(907) 474-6152

Douglas Kane
(907) 474-7808
Research Areas: Civil Engineering, Hydrology and Hydraulics

Mikhail Kanevskiy
(907) 474-1905
Research Areas: Permafrost

Anna Liljedahl
Research Areas: Permafrost Hydrology

Philip A Loring
Research Areas: Food systems, food security, environmental change, and environmental justice

Nicole Misarti
(907) 474-7813

Debasmita Misra
(907) 474-5339
Research Areas: Geohydrology and Geoenvironmental Engineering, Ground Water Mechanics

Greta Myerchin
(907) 474-7013

Matt Nolan
Research Areas: Geophysics, Glaciology, Hydrology, Remote Sensing, Alternative Energy

Robert Perkins
(907) 474-7694
Research Areas: Human health and chemicals in cold regions, Risk Assessment in Extreme Environments, Risk Management and Analysis

Lorrie Rea
(907) 474-7572

Silke Schiewer
(907) 474-2620
Research Areas: Wastewater Treatment, Biotechnology

Bill Schnabel, Director
(907) 474-7789
(907) 699-2431 mobile
(907) 474-7041 fax
Research Areas: cold regions water quality, evapotranspiration processes, contaminant fate and transport, and ecosystem engineering

Yuri Shur
(907) 474-7067
Research Areas: Permafrost and frozen ground engineering

Amy Strohm

Sveta Stuefer
(907) 474-2714
Research Areas: Arctic Hydrology

Ken Tape
(907) 474-2775

Horacio Toniolo
(907) 474-7977
Research Areas: Sediment transport, river morphology

Sarah Trainor
(907) 474-7878
Research Areas: Modeling climate change and its impacts, Energy and sustainability

Dragos A. Vas

Katey Walter Anthony
(907) 474-6095
Research Areas: aquatic ecology and carbon and nutrient cycling between terrestrial and aquatic systems, the cryosphere and atmosphere.

Matthew Wooller, Director, Alaska Stable Isotope Facility
(907) 474-6738
Research Areas: Mass Spectrometry

Kenji Yoshikawa
(907) 474-6090
Research Areas: Permafrost Hydrology and Chronology, Periglacial, Geomorphology

Emily Youcha
(907) 474-2713


Tereza Bendlova

Katrina Bennett
(907) 474-1939

Erica Betts
(907) 474-2758

Sean Brennan

Abhijit Chatterjee

Louise Farquharson

Ben Gaglioti

Joel Homan

Eunkyoung Hong

Chas Jones

Erica Lamb

Ipshita Majhi

John Mumm
(907) 474-5396

Edda Mutter

Eloh Njikam

Laura Oxtoby

Andy Padilla

Nathan Stephan

Erin Strang

Molly Tedesche

Erin Trochim

Shiway Wang