Current Research Projects

  • Goldstream Valley Watershed
    Exploring hydrology-permafrost-methane processes within the lake-to-watershed system
  • NPR-A Hydrology
    WERC is currently collaborating with the Bureau of Land Management to collect and analyze information in the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska
  • Fish Creek Watershed
    Monitoring Arctic Aquatic Habitat in the Context of Land-use and Climate Change Impacts
  • Jarvis Creek Watershed
    Glaciers, permafrost and watershed hydrology in the context of basic science and community needs
  • North Slope Decision Support for Water Resources Planning and Management (NSDSS)
    The NSDSS is a data management, evaluation, and communication tool being developed to support ice road planning and decision making on Alaska’s North Slope. The work is being funded by the US Department of Energy National Energy and Technology Laboratory.
    As a continuation of IPY activities, WERC researchers are working with a team of scientists, teachers, and enthusiastic citizens to establish a methane bubbling monitoring program, the Pan-Arctic Lake-Ice Methane Monitoring Network (PALIMMN), with an education and outreach component, Student-PALIMMN.
  • Seward Peninsula Weather Stations
    A series of projects supported by NSF and others resulted in a weather monitoring network located on Alaska’s Seward peninsula.
  • Umiat Corridor Hydrology Study
    This project, funded by the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities, was one of a series of projects designed to support transportation planning and tundra travel on Alaska’s North Slope. The site contains links to project reports, meteorological, and hydrologic data.
  • Alyeska Sagavanirktok (Sag) River                                                                                     As part of an effort to monitor weather and hydrological conditions on Sagavanirktok River, Alyeska and UAF installed one meteorological station in the upper watershed, at the head waters of Accomplishment Creek, and one water station on the Sagavanirktok River, upstream of the Ivishak confluence.
  • ADOT Sagavanirktok (Sag) River                                                                                                    The Alaska Department of Transportation and the University of Alaska Fairbanks are carrying out a hydro-sedimentological monitoring and analysis program focused on past, current, and potential gravel sites along the Sagavanirktok (Sag) River.
  • Ambler Corridor Project
  • Water and Environmental Research Center (WERC)
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