page last updated: 27 March 2013

The Institute of Northern Engineering has several research centers and laboratory groups. Each of these organizations within INE have their own directories of faculty, staff and students.

  • ACCAP - Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy
    ACCAP People
  • ACEP - Alaska Center for Energy and Power
    ACEP Team
  • AMG - Advanced Materials Group
    AMG Directory
  • AUTC - Alaska University Transportation Center
    AUTC Directory
  • MIRL - Mineral Industry Research Lab
  • PDL - Petroleum Development Lab
    PDL People
  • WERC - Water and Environmental Research Center
    WERC People

Several researchers are based in INE rather than with a particular center or program. These faculty work collaboratively across different centers and labs, as well as in conjunction with other researchers world wide. INE research faculty are: