The INE Travel Office provides assistance with travel forms, airline reservations, expense reports, per diem, travel insurance, and reimbursements.

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Travel regulations

Per Diem - FY17

Fly America Act - Open Skies Agreement


University Discounted Rates

NANA Management has given the University a discount code to use for select Marriott hotels in the Fairbanks and Anchorage area. Discount can be used for business or personal stays. Please see the flyer from NANA for more information.



Use of the paper TA is suggested for the very infrequent traveler, student, non-UAF traveler (volunteer or visiting professional), a zero dollar travel (TA for insurance purposes) or group travel.

 Mileage form - Please note the change in year, as there are different reimbursement rates


Important information regarding family or friends participating in research travel:

The University requires that all CEM faculty and staff who would like to have family or friends participate in research travel must complete and submit an Emergency Action Plan, a Travel Accompaniment Waiver Form (release of liability), and must obtain the INE Director's approval prior to departure. If you have any questions about this procedure, please contact Nickole Conley at x5626 or Andrea Krumhardt (EHS&RM Safety Coordinator) at x5197.

Travel forms are also available directly from the UAF Financial Services Travel office.

Of note:

  • Submit AT/TA before leaving on trip - approval 2-3 weeks prior to travel is ideal
  • Please note that "Description" must have more than just 'field work' for description of travel. Include a brief explanation of what type of work is being performed in the field. If going to a conference, spell out name of conference and give dates of the actual conference, not the entire travel time. If more than one event being attended, provide all and dates of each event
  • Make notes in the "Comments" section and/or line items of expenses explaining what happened, what you plan to be doing, the reasoning for what is going to happen or did happen, etc
  • Use the following format to name the records: Last name, first initial, dates of travel, from and to destination (example: Sather, K 11/30-12/8 FAI to ANC)

Rental Vehicles:

The University of Alaska has three WSCA car rental agreements available for staff usage while traveling. All of them have several advantages, which include lowering the underage driver age to 18, preferred rates in Alaska and the continental United States and insurance coverage. Each contract should be checked to find the best value. WSCA contracts are for Business Use Only!!

To use UAF's WSCA contract agreement, you must use one of the following codes at the time of reserving the vehicle:

Enterprise Car Rental Agreement: Customer number is XZ45UAF

National Car Rental Agreement: Customer number is XZ45UAF

Hertz Car Rental Agreement: University of Alaska CDP 1951379



Travel Regulations Requirement Update

As of 10/24/2016 - President Johnsen rescinded requirement for additional approvals for Fund 1 travel.

Updated Travel Memo



Kelly Sather (474-5457) is back-up for Erin Harris. Please add as a delegate (no need to change approver).


Let us get that for you:

The INE Travel Office is now able to purchase airfare, lodging, registration fees and some rental vehicles prior to travel. This will help reduce the amount of money out-of-pocket for the traveler.


If you are new to TEMS:

Contact Erin Harris ( to gain access to TEMS and set up your account.



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