Business Office

page last updated: 9 September 2014


The INE Business Office provides financial services and support to the faculty, staff and students within the Institute of Engineering. The Business Office works in cooperation with the university community to support the broader missions of the College of Engineering and Mines and the University of Alaska Fairbanks.



portrait of Nickole Conley

Nickole Conley
Chief Financial Officer
Duckering 353A
(907) 474-5626 voice
(907) 474-7041 fax

Business Office Manager

portrait of Derek Miller

Derek Miller
Business Office Manager
Duckering 521
(907) 474-6644 voice
(907) 474-7041 fax

Assistant to the Director


Nycolett Ripley
Assistant to the Director
Duckering 539
(907) 474-5457 voice
(907) 474-7041 fax

Human Resources

portrait of Ashley Rodgers

Ashley Lindsoe
HR Coordinator
Duckering 489B
(907) 474-7777 voice
(907) 474-7041 fax


portrait of Crystal Iacono

Crystal Iacono
Grant Manager
Duckering 529
(907) 474-1929 voice
(907) 474-7041 fax

portrait of Kathy Petersen

Kathy Petersen
Grant Manager
Duckering 437
(907) 474-6410 voice
(907) 474-7041 fax

portrait of Nomie Torres

Nomie Torres
Academic & Grant Fiscal Officer
Duckering 529
(907) 474-2726 voice
(907) 474-7041 fax

portrait of Lesli Walls

Lesli Walls
Grant Manager
MIRL Building
(907) 474-1930 voice
(907) 474-7041 fax



Elise Stredny
Purchasing Coordinator
Duckering 525
(907) 474-7728 voice
(907) 474-7041 fax


Jennifer Poehls

Jennifer Poehls
Travel Coordinator
Duckering 525
(907) 474-7815 voice
(907) 474-7041 fax

Admin and Technical

portrait of Joel Bailey

Joel Bailey
Research Professional
Duckering 489a
(907) 474-6151 voice
(907) 474-7041 fax

portrait Peter Prokein

Peter Prokein
IT Manager
Duckering 481
(907) 474-2720 voice
(907) 474-7041 fax

portrait of Melanie Rohr

Melanie Rohr
Web Designer
Duckering 437
(907) 474-6125 voice
(907) 474-7041 fax

vacant position

AUTC Program Assistant
Duckering 245
(907) 474-7330 voice
(907) 474-7041 fax

Forms and Information


Download the CEM Travel Authorization Form in PDF format here:
Travel Authorization PDF
If you have questions about travel then please call Jennifer Poehls at x7815. Travel forms are also available directly from the UAF Financial Services Travel office.

The University requires that all CEM faculty and staff who would like to have family or friends participate in research travel must complete and submit an Emergency Action Plan, aTravel Accompaniment Waiver Form (release of liability), and must obtain the INE Director's approval prior to departure.
If you have any questions about this procedure please contact Nickole Conley at x5626 or Andrea Krumhardt (EHS&RM Safety Coordinator) at x5197.

Travel Accompaniment Waiver Form (PDF | 22kb)
Remote Travel Emergency Plan (PDF | 177kb)

Purchase Requisition

small icon of excel spreadsheet INE Purchase Req XLS

User editable Excel spreadsheet

Trimester Effort Reporting

small icon of excel spreadsheetFY13 Trimester Exempt Effort Reporting Spreadsheet

Trimester Effort Reporting information can be found on the OGCA website: