Alyeska Sagavanirktok River Project

Alyeska Pipeline Service Company Sagavanirktok, Dietrich, Tiekel and Tsina Rivers

Project Summary

As part of an effort to monitor weather and hydrological conditions on rivers along the pipeline coridor, Alyeska and UAF installed meteorological stations and water stations at key areas in various watersheds. At the meteorological stations the following variables are measured: continuous winter snow depth, summer rainfall, air temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and direction, and solar radiation. At the river gauge stations water level, water temperature, air temperature, barometric pressure, rain fall, wind speed and wind direction, and relative humidity are recorded. Cameras were also installed at each station to observe weather conditions.


  • PI:
    Horacio Toniolo
  • Field technician and surveyor:
    John Keech
  • Field and data technician:
    Eric LaMesjerant
  • Field technician and communication:
    Joel Bailey