Sag River

ADOT Sagavanirktok River

Project Description

The Alaska Department of Transportation and the University of Alaska Fairbanks are carrying out a hydro-sedimentological monitoring and analysis program focused on past, current, and potential gravel sites along the Sagavanirktok (Sag) River.

This project plans to characterize sediment transport conditions in four study areas:

  • Site DSS1 (or MS 65-9-042-2), which is located near Deadhorse, at the Dalton MP 405
  • Site DSS2, a new site on the Sag River 8 miles downstream of Ivishak River confluence (approximately at MP 368)
  • Site DSS3 at Happy Valley (or MS 65-9-005-2), roughly at MP 333
  • Site DSS4 (or MS 65-9-066-2), which is located at MP 318

Field observations will include bathymetric surveys, discharge measurements, and specific measurements to quantify bed and suspended sediment loads. Discharge and sediment loads will be used to establish sediment rating curves for each site, which can provide valuable information to estimate the required time to refill a material site. Floodplain vegetation and soil properties will be used to determine the stability of the floodplain in the study sites. A change detection analysis will quantify the rate of change (if any) of the river bank at various intervals (from DSS1 to DSS4 sites). Basic water quality data (temperature, pH, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen) will be collected during winter.


  • PI:
    Horacio Toniolo
  • Co-Is:
    William Schnabel, Kenneth Tape, Jordi Cristobal Rossello
  • Field technician and surveying:
    John Keech
  • Field and data technician:
    Eric LaMesjerant
  • Field technician and communication:
    Joel Bailey