page last updated: 5 April 2010

Selected reports and journal reprints are available at the Water and Environmental Research Center (WERC) on the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus. WERC was previously named Institute of Water Resources (IWR). WERC series reports are continued with the same numbering scheme as IWR series reports. The acronym NTIS stands for National Technical Information Service. Many outside publication reports have a reprint (R) number in the WERC internal referencing system. One of our goals is to create and maintain an online database that will serve as a digital reference for WERC publications. Until that resource is available the WERC pubs will be available here in .xls (MS Excel 2004) format.

WERC Publications -- Summer 2009

The data is available in .xls Microsoft Office Excel format. Many browsers will allow you to right click and save the file. WERC_publications_Aug2009.xls 56 KB


The WERC also maintains an index and partial archive of thesis and dissertation publications produced by students studying here.