Alyeska Sagavanirktok River Project

Alyeska Sagavanirktok River

Meteorological and Hydrological Data

Station Name Latitude (°) Longitude (°) Elevation (m) Features Measured Archived Data
Accomplishment Creek Met (ASM1) 68.4116 -148.1365 1458 AT,RH,WS,WD,NR,SD,P,ST *Realtime
Saviukviayak Met (ASM2) 68.7705 -147.4323 945 AT,RH,WS,WD,NR,SD,P,PB *Realtime
Ivishak Met (ASM3) 69.13382 -147.92338 401 AT,RH,WS,WD,NR,SD,P,PB *Realtime
Sagavanirktok River Alyeska Station near MP347 (ASS1) 69.2829 -148.7359 241 WL,WT,AT,RH,P,WS,WD,PB *Realtime
Sag Bridge 70.2495 -148.3035 8.1 WL *Realtime
Dietrich Bridge MP207 (ADS1) 67.6452 -149.7398 432 WL,AT,PB *Realtime
* Near realtime data may be temporararily offline during winter months and prolonged times of low sunlight. Once the solar energy returns the data will be available.

Station Map

Sag Bridge ASS1 ASM3 ASM2 ASM1

Map above: Station map of Sag River.

Site Description

As part of an effort to monitor weather and hydrological conditions on Sagavanirktok River, Alyeska and UAF installed one meteorological station in the upper watershed, at the head waters of Accomplishment Creek, and one water station on the Sagavanirktok River, upstream of the Ivishak confluence. At the meteorological station the following variables are measured: continuous winter snow depth, summer rainfall, air temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and direction, and solar radiation. At the river gauge station water level, water temperature, air temperature, barometric pressure, rain fall, wind speed and wind direction, and relative humidity are recorded. Cameras were also installed at each station to observe weather conditions.