NPR-A Hydrology

Arctic Hydrology

BLM and UAF personnel are performing detailed hydrologic field work in the National Petroleum Reserve – Alaska (NPR-A). Field efforts involve stream gauging, measurements of water quality parameters, and collection of basic weather variables. Stream gauging is conducted during Spring breakup, mid summer and early fall. Discharge measurements involve the following streams in the NPR-A area (see map below):

Meade River gage Ikpikpuk River Gage Fish Creek Gage Judy Creek Gage Prince Creek Gage Seabee Creek Gage Ublutuoch River Gage Umiat Camp Colville River Gage Otuk Creek Gage

Map above: Study area and station map of NPR-A Hydrology.

Data Access

A view of the data collected from multiple automated sites via satellite based telemetry is currently available via WERC’s Time Series Analyst. We are currently working on improving the data presentation as well as data access to allow users to download selected data sets. Be advised that the data shown is raw data which has not been reviewed for data quality and accuracy.