Jarvis Creek

Jarvis Creek Watershed

Glaciers, permafrost and watershed hydrology in the context of basic science and community needs

Data Overview

We are supporting near-real time monitoring of basic meteorology at the ridge (1021 m) between the Delta River and Jarvis Creek since October 2012. Additional meteorological stations (840 m to 1650 m), which are not connected to the near-real time network, include air temperature, relative humidity and summer rainfall measurements. Hydrology measurements include runoff, groundwater levels, snow accumulation and water geochemistry.

Metereological Data

Station Name X Coord. (UTM) Y Coord. (UTM) Elevation (m) Air Temp. (° C) Rel. Humidity (%) Rain (mm) Archived Data
Coal Mine Ridge 561974 7060795 1021 X X X Realtime
Ober Creek 564816 7075813 576 X X X Realtime
Off-Glacier 565441 7039479 1650 X X X Realtime
Glacier_1636 566248 7039063 1636 X X n/a n/a 2012 coming soon!
Glacier_1383 565580 7042179 1383 X X n/a n/a 2012 coming soon!
Glacier_1279 565403 7043191 1279 X X n/a n/a 2012 coming soon!
McCumber Creek 571534 7066195 890 X X X n/a 2012 coming soon!
Coal Mine Road 558145 7063822 840 X X X n/a 2012 coming soon!

Hydrological Data

Jarvis Bridge Real Time Stage