Bullen Point Project
Kavik Repeater Station (DBR4)
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Station Photos

Note: Directions are approximate
North is up, arrow points in camera view



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File naming convention: siteID_direction_[to or from].JPG - to or from indicates direction camera is looking relative to weather station site


Additional Site Photos

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John Gallagher closing up the datalogger enclosure after finishing the station installation on July 8, 2006.
Photo: Mike Lilly

The two radiation shields on the tripod mast house the air temperature
Photo: Mike Lilly

The Kavik Repeater is on a ridge south of Kavik Camp.
Photo: Mike Lilly

Aerial view of the repeater station with the Brooks Range in the
Photo: Mike Lilly

Another aerial view of the station.
Photo: Mike Lilly

View looking north toward the Kavik River and Kavik Camp.
Photo: Mike Lilly

Aufies (overflow ice) lasts well into the summer on many Arctic rivers.
Photo: Mike Lilly
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