Current Areas of Emphasis

Mineral Processing
Processing strategies for all types of ores, improving recoveries, fine particle separation.
Mine Ventilation
Ventilation design and arctic issues.
Ground Control
Rock and soil testing underground structure.
Mineral Economics
Reserve estimation, mineral market evaluation.
Computational Tools
Mining data for mine-mill reconciliation, mine optimization.
Ground water modeling and soil remediation.
System Engineering
Production simulation.
Mine Geotechnics
Geotechnical and hydrogeology for tailings and mine waste management facilities.
Tailings Engineering
Mine closure design, mine reclamation, and soil/geosynthetic cover design.

MIRL Spotlight

Dr. Hong Kim joins MIRL


Dr. Hong Kim joins as an Associate Professor. He expects to bring over 23 years of industrial experience to his practice in advanced mine waste management, unsaturated soil mechanics, and mine geotechnics. He has extensive work experience as a consulting engineer and has maintained a strong industrial focus through his research programs. Dr. Kim is involved in mine waste management systems for numerous sites worldwide. He has also served as a specialist consultant to several large international mining companies such as the well-known ARD Risk Review. In addition, Dr. Kim served as the lead author responsible for the chapter on Prevention and Mitigation in the Global Acid Rock Drainage Guide. Dr. Kim has developed extensive programs in soil cover systems for mine waste management and long-term closure of tailings and waste rock. He developed  a testing method for monitoring alternatives to conventional landfill covers, including comparing various instruments and the performance of alternative covers and conventional covers in multiple climate conditions under USEPA ACAP Project. In addition, Dr. Kim was responsible for the benchmark research programs for predicting and monitoring of the performance of the cover systems at several Superfund Sites. Dr. Kim is currently engaged in developing large scale-up experiments for waste rock to investigate various mitigation techniques as well as a new and innovative research program for the blending of tailings and waste rock to produce new high-strength sealing materials for mine waste management systems.

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