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Securing access to household water and wastewater across Alaska

Thanks to Water Resources Research Act funding through the University of Alaska Fairbanks, Arctic Outlook has initiated the automation of data collection, allowing the creation of community, utility, and operator profiles. These profiles are designed to assist communities and professionals in efficiently navigating resources offered by the State of Alaska in areas such as drinking water, wastewater, solid waste, and Rural Utility Business Advisors. Additionally, resources from the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium are also included in this accessible platform.

Comprehensive support

  • Arctic outlook goes beyond basics, offering opportunities for communities and professionals to ask questions.

Empowering professionals

  • Strong emphasis on empowering local professionals through community centric information and resources.

Community driven outreach

  • Facilitating community-led efforts to enhance outreach and engagement at a community-wide level.

Skill development

  • Offering local professionals trainings for effective water and wastewater management.


Fiscally Sponsored by the North Star Community Foundation.