Sag River

ADOT Sagavanirktok River

Meteorological and Hydrological Data

Station Name Latitude(°) Longitude(°) Elevation (m) Features Measured Archived Data
DSS1: Sagavanirktok R near Deadhorse (MP405) Site 042 70.0991 -148.5085 23 WL,WT,AT,RH,WS,WD,P Realtime
DSS2: Sagavanirktok R below Ivishak R 69.5959 -148.6261 137 WL,WT,AT,RH,WS,WD,PB Realtime
DSS3: Sagavanirktok R at Happy Valley Site 005 69.1507 -148.8232 289 WL,WT,AT,RH,WS,WD Realtime
DSS4: Sagavanirktok R near MP 320.5 Site 066 68.9583 -148.8600 366 WL,WT,AT,RH,WS,WD,PB,P Realtime
DSS5: Sagavanirktok R East Bank 69.9461 -148.6714 60 WL,WT,AT,RH,WS,WD Realtime
DSM1: Echooka Met 69.3709 -147.8546 335 AT,RH,WS,WD,ST,PB,NR,SD,P Realtime
DBM4: Sag-Ivishak Met 69.2156 -148.5519 431 AT,RH,WS,WD,ST,PB,NR,SD,P Realtime

AT=Air Temp, RH=Rel. Humidity, WS=Wind Speed, WD=Wind Direction, NR=Net Radiation, P=Precipitation, PB=Barometric Pressure, SD=Snow Depth, ST=Soil Temperature, WL=Water Level, WT=Water Temp, IT=Ice Thickness

Station Map

Map above: Station map of Sag River.