• INE Pubinar: Evaluation of the Collapse of World Trade Center 7 - Was it Fire that Caused the Collapse?
    • Dr. Leroy Hulsey
    • October 07, 2016

At this month's INE Pubinar***, Dr. Leroy Hulsey will present his latest work on the World Trade Center 7 collapse. Specifically, he will describe the results of his modeling exercise intended to determine whether fire truly was the cause of the collapse. This work has garnered lots of media attention, and has put UAF in the spotlight. For a preview, check out the trailer at http://www.wtc7evaluation.org

***Once each month, the WERC seminar will join the INE Pubinar series - an event organized by Bill Schnabel, the Director of the Institute of Northern Engineering (INE). Please note, that this event will be held at the UAF Pub.


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