Seminars 2013-2014

page last updated: 24 July 2013


Each Friday during the academic year we have seminars where faculty and students present information of interest. It's an excellent opportunity to hear about current research and for students an introduction to the academic exchange of information with peers.

We meet in Duckering 531 from 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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Submitting Seminar Info and Reservations

When you have your talk organized or would like to reserve a date please submit an image or graph that will be used at your talk, along with caption, abstract, title, and the date you'd like to give the talk using our seminar request form Final decisions about the schedule are made by the Director.

Academic Year Schedule for 2013-2014

This is our working schedule for the seminar this semester. Please use this as a tool to plan for your presentation. Linked dates point to a synopsis and any archived materials for each seminar.

Date Presenter Title
September 13
Seminar held
at Rasmuson Library
Media Classroom,
room 340
Jörg Schulla (Hydrologic software consultant, Zurich) and Anna Liljedahl (WERC/IARC) Hydrologic projections of glacierized basins for hydroelectric operations in Europe and Southcentral Alaska
September 20 Joel Homan Stream Gauging: Methods and Equipment
September 27 Sveta Stuefer 19th International Northern Research Basins Symposium and Workshop
October 4 Melanie Engram Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) remote sensing for detection and quantification of methane ebullition in Alaskan lakes
October 11 Ben Gaglioti Indicators of Ice Age Climate Change on the North Slope of Alaska
October 18 Ken Tape Capturing migration phenology of terrestrial wildlife using camera traps
October 25 Chris Arp The Role of Lakes and Streams in Permafrost Degradation in Northern Alaska
November 1 Lorrie Rea Steller sea lions as sentinels of environmental contaminants in the Aleutian Islands
November 8 Matt Nolan What do McCall Glacier, caribou, and monster truck tires have in common?
November 15 Erica Betts Linking North Slope Climate, Hydrology and Fish Migration
November 22 No Seminar No Seminar
November 29 Thanksgiving Holiday No Seminar
December 6 Erica Lamb Physical flow parameters at a confluence of two streams in interior Alaska
December 13 - January 10 Finals Week / Winter Break No Seminar
January 17 Jessie Cherry Waterways: Language, Culture, and the Environment in Alaska’s Upper Tanana
January 31 Joanne Heslop Incubation study of methane production in a thermokarst-lake system
February 7 Aaron Dotson Snow Dumps: Where Urban Snow Goes to Melt
February 14 Katey Walter Anthony Carbon cycling in deep thermokarst lakes: positive vs. negative feedbacks
February 21 No seminar - - WERC Faculty & Staff Meeting No seminar - WERC Faculty & Staff Meeting
February 28 Matvey Debolskiy Turbidity observations in sediment flux studies: Examples from Russian rivers in cold environments
March 7 Michelle Barnes Evidence of Thawed Through-Taliks in a Discontinuous Permafrost Region
March 14 Harry Penn An update from RAVENS Phase 1: What should community and regional capacity look like?
March 21 Spring Break No Seminar
March 28 Srijan Aggarwal Investigating Approaches to Mitigate Biofilms in Drinking Water Distribution Systems
April 4 Katrina Bennett Historical changes in trends and extreme streamflow in Interior Alaskan River Basins
April 11 Priyamvada Sharma Biodegradation of crude oil in Alaskan seashore sediments
April 18 Jessica Bay-Starsman Alaska North Slope Legacy Wells
April 25 Springfest No Seminar