Laurel McFadden

page last updated: 15 April 2010

Laurel stands with an ice core on a frozen Arctic lake.

Laurel McFadden is a research technician focused in methane collection and field logistics. She earned her B.A. in Science, Technology, and Society with a focus in Biology at Pomona College. Her research experience includes biochemical flux dynamics in the Northwater Polynya, seabird and zooplankton ecology in northern Norway, weather station maintenance and elementary education in Greenland, healthcare studies in China, and microbiology research with the Max Planck Institute in Germany.

Laurel joined Walter Anthony’s lab at INE after originally moving to Alaska to work as a marine field technician in Cordova. She is extremely fond of snowshoeing and the island of Svalbard. Her favorite color and foods are aqua and Mexican, respectively.