Scientific documentary depicts the beauty and harshness of the Arctic landscape

May 9, 2013 • Filed under: News — melanie.rohr

“Cold, harsh and beautiful” is the title of a short scientific documentary put on by University of Alaska researcher Alessio Gusmeroli (IARC). The 9-minute video portrays the unique workplace of scientists doing fieldwork in Northern Alaska: the windy, frozen landscape of the Arctic tundra. Among the scientists featured in this video is WERC researcher Christopher Arp.

The footage was filmed in March 2013 and follows a group of UAF scientists studying Arctic lakes as they travel from the Toolik Field Station (68N) to the Colville River Delta (70N) on snowmachine. The focus of the documentary is not so much the science itself but rather the conditions under which scientific research is performed.

(Watch “Cold, harsh and beautiful” on Vimeo.)