Gauging the challenges of measuring solid precipiation: an introduction to the World Metereological Organization’s (WMO) SPICE project

February 15, 2013 • Filed under: News — melanie.rohr

Daqing Yang, former WERC researcher and current scientist at Environment Canada’s National Hydrology Research Center, will discuss one of his current projects in a presentation entitled “WMO Solid Precipitation Intercomparison Experiment (WMO-SPICE), and the Canadian Contribution.” at this week’s WERC seminar, Friday, February 15, 2013.

Friday Seminar Series

  • What: WMO Solid Precipitation Intercomparison Experiment (WMO-SPICE) and the Canadian Contribution
  • Who: Daqing Yang, National Hydrology Research Center – Environment Canada
  • When: 3:30-4:30 p.m. Friday, Feb. 15
  • Where: 531 Duckering

Precipitation is a key variable for cold region environmental monitoring and research (i.e. climate, glacier, hydrology, and ecosystem) at various temporal/spatial scales. It is a great challenge to measure precipitation (particularly snowfall) and develop regional precipitation datasets/products for research and applications over the northern regions. Large uncertainties and biases exist in gauge-measured precipitation (snowfall) datasets and products; they affect important decision-making, water resources assessments, climate change analyses, and calibrations of remote sensing algorithms and land surface models.
Over the recent years, efforts have been made at both the national and international levels to quantify the errors/biases in precipitation measurements, such as the new WMO Solid Precipitation Intercomparison Experiment (WMO-SPICE). This presentation will introduce the WMO-SPICE project (its goal, scope, and outcomes), and highlight the Canadian component (C-SPICE) and its contribution. This talk will also discuss key gaps and issues in snowfall data analyses and collections by the automatic instruments at research and operational networks over the broader cold regions, including the high latitudes.

Bratt’s Lake Intercomparison Facility, Sk, Canada/Smith

Photo top: Bratt’s Lake Intercomparison Facility, Sk, Canada/Smith.

(Photo by Daqing Yang)