Real, exciting and dirty challenges await at WERC

March 21, 2012 • Filed under: Director — erica.franich

The Water and Environmental Research Center is a collection of approximately 50 faculty, staff and student researchers focused on exploring the intersections between Arctic people and the natural world. Our research palette ranges from microscopic (e.g., evaluating microbial degradation of environmental contaminants) to the extremely macroscopic (e.g., evaluating the global methane contributions of the Arctic landscape) scales. We study human interactions (e.g., water security issues in Bristol Bay), physical processes (e.g., annual discharge in Arctic rivers), and biota (e.g., stable isotope mapping of salmon habitat). The breadth of our research expertise reflects the diverse nature of our work. We employ engineers, biophysical scientists and social scientists, along with a capable team of research technicians providing decades of experience in the pursuit of Arctic field and laboratory research.

We keep an eye out for new talent. If you have an interest in cold regions research, are looking for new challenges as a graduate student or professional researcher, and don’t mind getting your hands dirty and feet wet in the great outdoors, please give me a call or send an email. We can talk about the opportunities available.


Credit: Nathan Stephan

WERC researchers measure spring discharge in the Itkillik River during field work in the Umiat Corridor.