Proposals and Publications Office

page last updated: 4 December 2013

The Institute of Northern Engineering provides resources necessary for more than 60 faculty and staff researchers and a fluctuating number of engineering students to achieve their research goals. INE staff offers assistance in garnering funding, including preparation and submission of proposals, and preparation of publications and reports related to research.

portrait of Sandra Boatwright

Sandra Boatwright
Proposals & Publications Manager
Duckering 489A
(907) 474-7209 voice
(907) 474-7041 fax

Greg Simpson

Greg Simpson
Proposal Coordinator
Duckering 489B
(907) 474-6470 voice
(907) 474-7041 fax

portrait of Fran Pedersen

Fran Pedersen
INE Technical Editor
Duckering 413
(907) 474-2757 voice
(907) 474-7041 fax