New Video–Frost Damage to Pavement

November 21, 2013 • Filed under: News — Joel Bailey

Why are Alaska’s highways and pavement so difficult and expensive to maintain? AUTC, Alaska DOT&PF, and the Institute of Northern Engineering are excited to announce the release of two short films on one of the most troublesome and costly cold region civil engineering problems to date: frost heave.

When sub-surface moisture freezes, it creates complex and persistent damage to pavement. This video illustrates how frost heave occurs, and offers insight into several time-tested methods for preventing this destructive cold-region phenomenon. For professors, researchers, road managers, and others involved in this issue, this video is intended to be an informative tool, and all are encouraged to share and distribute among their colleagues.

Click on either of these links below to view either a full-length, or executive summary video:

Full Length:

Executive Summary:

Many thanks to partners at Alaska DOT&PF, Minnesota DOT, and the U.S. Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory.

To receive a video/dvd copy, please contact AUTC at: (907) 474-7330.