AUTC 2009 Student of the Year: Eva Stephani

January 13, 2010 • Filed under: Student of the Year — billy.connor

Eva Stephani, originally from Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, is the AUTC 2010 Student of the Year. Eva, who received her Bachelor of Engineering in Geological Engineering from Laval University in Quebec in May 2009 (which incorporated her UAF undergraduate studies in 2007-2008), is a dual Canadian and United States citizen. While her native language is French, she has rapidly adopted English as her advanced second language – which she notes is a must in order to participate effectively in international scientific networks. She is continuing her engineering and earth sciences education via a Master of Sciences curriculum in UAF’s Civil and Environmental Engineering graduate program. With her current graduate work, she is pioneering interdisciplinary studies in geomorphological engineering, and is benefitting northern tier roadways and other transportation infrastructure in the process.

Eva Stephani

photo credit: Billy Connor

Eva Stephani

Eva contributed to AUTC projects since 2006, including reconnaissance work to identify potential road test section sites in Alaska and the Yukon and geotechnical characterization of permafrost cores. She currently is working on AUTC’s Preservation of the Alaska Highway project. Eva had significant innovative input on several project aspects, such as incorporating geographical information systems, capturing information in a database, and modeling using 3D technology in a way that can be extrapolated and applied to the entire Alaska Highway.

Daniel Fortier and Yuri Shur, Eva’s graduate program co-advising professors, note that Eva’s record demonstrates professionalism, leadership and an excellent capacity to communicate scientific results.

She has received numerous scholarships and awards, including a two-year scholarship from the National Research Council of Canada for her Master of Science project, the 2009 Institute of Northern Engineering tuition award, the 2007 – 2008 Flint Hills Resources Undergraduate Research Award, and the Olav Slaymaker Award (best student poster in the field of geomorphology) for a presentation of her work at the 2008 Canadian Geophysical Union Conference in Banff. The Slaymaker award is a particularly remarkable achievement, because Eva won it as the only undergraduate student present at the conference competing against Master degree students and Ph. D. candidates.

Eva has published numerous technical reports, including being second author on the AUTC final report for the Preservation of the Alaska Highway research project; her undergraduate thesis was on the cryostructures of permafrost cores for that project. Eva has an outstanding record of presentations in scientific conferences. She was first author on papers in eight international scientific conferences and symposiums, and co-author on several others. She has become an outstanding AUTC ambassador.