Transportation Safety, Security and Innovation in Cold Regions

A screen shot of the North Slope Decision Support System (NSDSS), an innovative online tool developed by AUTC's partners at the Water and Environmental Research Center at UAF. This project allows the public and professionals alike to access North Slope hydrology data to reduce costs and impacts of winter ice roads. (Photo Courtesy: WERC)
A team of German aerospace engineers led by Johannes Eissing test fly an RC Airship prototype at the 2013 Alaska Airships Summit. (Photo: AUTC news)
AUTC Director Billy Connor fields questions from Chinese transportation experts at the 2013 International Symposium of Climatic Effects on Pavement and Geotechnical Infrastructure (ISCEPGI) at UAF. (Photo: AUTC News)
The James Dalton Highway--Alaska's lone surface connection to the North Slope. Plagued by permafrost, erosion, and some of the harshest conditions on the planet, this vital infrastructure is the focus of many current and past AUTC projects. (Photo: R. Cadigan, Alaska DOT&PF)
A UAF research team installs a remote weather station; stations like these provide invaluable climate and precipitation data used by state transportation engineers. (Photo Courtesy: WERC)
AUTC researcher and UAF professor of geological engineering Margaret Darrow, briefing kids from a local school before a tour of the U.S. Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory's (CRREL) permafrost tunnel. (Photo: AUTC news)
AUTC researchers and State bridge personnel install a state-of-the-art remote structural health monitoring system on Alaska's Chulitna River Bridge. (Photo Courtesy: L. Hulsey)
AUTC researchers and State maintenance crews apply experimental permafrost mitigation materials on an unstable slope at the Dalton Highway 9-mile Hill. (Photo: X. Zhang)



Stabilization of Erodible Slopes with Geofibers and Nontraditional Liquid Additives



Experimental Study of Various Techniques to Protect Ice-Rich Cut Slopes



Impact of Embedded Carbon Fiber Heating Panel on the Structural/Mechanical Performance of Roadway Pavement



A Corrosion Monitoring System for Existing Reinforced Concrete Structure



Structural Health Monitoring & Condition Assessment of Chulitna River Bridge Phase I



Save The Date: International Symposium on Winter Road Maintenance, Aug. 19-22, Harbin China

INE’s Center for Environmentally Sustainable Transportation in Cold Climates (CESTICC) is excited to announce the  2nd International Symposium on Winter Road Maintenance – August 19-22, 2014, Harbin City, P. R. China. (more…)



Dalton Highway: Attack of the Frozen Debris Lobes

On Wednesday, January 29th, at 5:30 pm in the Schaible Auditorium on the UAF campus, AUTC researcher and UAF professor of geological engineering, Margaret Darrow, will give a fascinating and engaging presentation titled, “Dalton Highway: Attack of the Frozen Debris Lobes.”




AUTC Announces 2013 Student of the Year

AUTC is excited to announce that Paul Eckman has been selected to be the 2013 Student of the Year by the Executive Board. (more…)